A Maverick’s Got Your Six

Hey there, Maverick Roofing and Solar is all about doing what’s right, plain and simple. I was out hiking in the mountains a while back, and it hit me… I figured out our tagline… “I’ve got your 6.” It’s a military phrase, but it’s more than that. It’s a code of honor, a commitment to those on your team, your close circle, your tribe. Mavericks, in the old west, lived by it—outlaws with a sense of purpose and fierce loyalty to their crew.

For me, my clients are part of my gang, and I’ll always have their back. Whether we’re battling insurance companies to secure roof payments, suggesting upgrades to enhance both the look and performance of their homes, ensuring clear and timely communication, or guiding them towards eco-friendly solutions like solar power to save money and the environment, we’re in it together.

At Maverick Roofing and Solar, we’re all about the Win-Win. Our clients’ interests are paramount, and we’re committed to having their six every step of the way.

Paul Stugart,
Owner, Maverick Roofing + Solar